Slinging It

These week for me was pretty busy.  I mostly worked on football this weekend but I did have a baseball on Friday against San Marcos.  During the game our team made a lot of mental mistakes.  For example we batted out of order and didn’t tell the ump about a couple subs, which doesn’t sound … More Slinging It


This week I was at the Pylon 7 on 7 national championship in Las Vegas.   I left Friday morning at around 10 o’clock.  It was a very long car ride to get to Vegas but luckily I slept most of the way.   We arrived at our hotel at 5:30 and got all settled … More Vegas

Cal Poly Workin

This weekend was pretty busy for my athletic lifestyle.  It started off by getting to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo at around 10:30.  I went up there to workout with my Quarterback coach and a lot of other guys.  The workout was being tapped for a video clip.  It was going really smooth until some … More Cal Poly Workin

Grind Week One

The first week of my athletic lifestyle blog was not as busy as it usually is.  It started out Saturday going down to Santa Maria to workout with my Quarterback coach, it is a long drive but it is worth it when you get down there. When I got back to Santa Barbara the first … More Grind Week One