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This weekend my athletic lifestyle was pretty busy.  On Friday I had football practices.  For 6th period we had weights and after weights we headed to the field.  For practice we played inner squad 7 on 7 to get ready for Saturday. At practice the defense gave us a lot of different looks and the offence gave them good looks to it was a great competitive practice.  On Saturday  we had to be up in Santa Maria at 8;30.  The tournament was at Saint Joe’s high school.   Going in to the day we knew it was going to be a struggle because we were missing our best players.  Our first game was against a cross town rival DP.  It was a very close game threw out the hole game and they ended up winning by a touchdown but when season comes around we will be fine because we will have our best players back and a couple new transfers.  The next game was against Santa Ynez and that game was very close threw out the hole game but we came out on top at the end., with a very nice touchdown catch.  After that game we had a short break so we went to jersey mikes to get a sandwich.  When we got back we played Pioneer Valley that game we blew them out we stopped them on defense every time but once and we scored every time.  The next game we played was against Saint Joes and they are really good they where beating us the hole game and did beat us.  Our last game was against Santa Maria we where beating them pretty bad threw out the game the did not score once and we scored every time.  We ended that game with a great catch in the back of the end zone and ended the day with a Dub.  Overall it was a pretty good day and we did pretty good.  Its hard when you dont have all your players but we made it work and some players got to show coach Stone what they can do.  Hope you enjoyed my last post and thank you for staying tuned over the last weeks.  LATER ALL.


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