Baseball is Over Football Starting

This week was my last week of baseball.  On Thursday I had my last game against Buena.  We jumped on them again in the early innings and never let off.  There was a couple of times where they almost scored but they never did.  Our pitcher threw another complete game shut out and did great. The final score to our last game was 11-0 we finished of strong.  We won our league with only one loss.  On Friday I went to baseball one last time this year because I’m off to football.  On Friday we just had batting practice in shorts after that I headed on over to football practice.  At football practice we did a lot of 7 on 7 because we have games coming up.  We also did some team to get the linemen some life work and getting the big boys moving.  On Monday we had practice again and it was all offence.  Once again we did a lot of 7 on 7 because we had games the next day.  On Tuesday we went down to Ventura to play St. Bonnie, Oaks Christian, and Pacifica.  We did pretty good for it being our first 7 on 7 of the year and most of the guys  are new to varsity football.  First we played St. Bonnie then Pacifica and lastly Oaks.  The competition as really good and we played good.  There is some things every one needs to work on but we will be just fine.  The next day we had weights in the morning and did upper body  After school we had practice and it was defensive day.  We are working on our zones because we need to get that down and getting ready for another tournament we have this Saturday. Yesterday I threw some routes before we had to go into film sessions.  We watched film from our 7 on 7 and was pointed out what we need to work on.  After that I went to the gym with one of my teammates to workout.  Latter that night I did my explosive drills with my brother before bed.  Thanks for reading my blog hope you enjoyed.  Check out the pictures bellow.



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