Dub Train

This week for my athletic lifestyle was the least busiest of them all.  Last week for baseball we had a league by but we did play a non league game on Wednesday against Santa Ynez High.  Last Monday after school I had baseball practice right after school and after that I went right over to football practice.  On Tuesday we had batting practice to get the bats ready for the game on Wednesday.  On Wednesday SYH came to to play us.  We jumped out to an early lead in the first innings and always keep that league.  Towards the end of the game they had a lot of guys in scoring position but we were always able to get out of it.  The final score to that game was 5-0 we won.  On Thursday we had another practice.  Friday we had a short practice and after that I went to football practice.  On Saturday I had a Football work out with a couple of guys and my coach JT Stone.  After that I got some grub and then went to the gym.  On Sunday I didn’t have really anything rather then a lot of homework.  But at night I did get my workout in at night.  On Monday we did a competition at practice.  The competition went in to extra innings and my team ended up winning it and the other team had to do 3 minuets of furry.  After that I went to football practice for offensive day.  The next day we had a game against Buena in Ventura.  We jumped on them early and never let off.  Our pitcher threw great with a shutout complete game.  The final game too that came was 10-0.  We play them again on Thursday at our field. Thats it for my post this week I hope you enjoyed the post.  A couple post left stay tuned in.  Check out the pictures bellow.


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