This weekend I started early with a baseball game on Friday against a rival DP.  It was a very close game threw out the hole game.  The game started off slow but it got going in the late innings they where up by a couple of runs but we keep fighting back.  It was the bottom of the seventh for us and we where batting.  If I remember correctly we where down by 2 and need 3 to win obviously. We battled that inning and tied the game up.  Then there where 2 outs with a person on third and Henery Kish batting.   The count was 2-1 and he was looking fastball.  Then there it was he got it he hit a hard ground ball in the 5 6 hole to win the game.  The crazy thing is that was his first at bat of the game and he really clutched up.  after he hit the bag everyone attacked him then someone dumped  the Gatorade tub all on him witch was pretty funny.  On Saturday I didn’t really have anything for athletics.  I went up to Cal Poly for a baseball game for alumni weekend.  They played Cal State Fullerton and beat them pretty good.  On Sunday I drove down from Cal Poly and went straight to football practice at Santa Barbara High with my 7 on 7  team BPA.  At practice we just did a lot of drills for about an hour and a half then got some 1 on 1’s in.  After that I went on a run up in the mountains.   I did get to see a really awesome view when I got to the top.  On they way down I did fall an lot because it was pretty steep and slippery.  Lastly on Sunday I lifted my weights at my house.  That was my weekend I hope you liked my blog scroll down for some pictures.

Here’s a picture of us celebrating and giving Kish the bath.

Here’s the man who hit the walk off.

This picture is on top of the mountain I ran up.


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