Baseball Games

This weekend for me wasn’t that busy the only thing i did was go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday we had a big baseball game against San Marcos High School at their field.  The last two times we played them we went into nine innings the first time we tied in the ninth inning.  The second time we played them it went in to nine again but we won of a walk off.  San Marcos are pretty big rivals so i am glad we got that win.  When we played on Friday we played very good.  We had great pitching and we where hitting really good.  Threw out the game we where always a head.  We held them to score only one run and we scored 11.  Our next game was supposed to be on Thursday but it got rained out and got moved to Wednesday.  This game was against Dos Puebols another cross town rival.  We played really good again and jumped on them pretty quick.  In the first inning we scored 4 runs then held them to none.  But in the second inning they scored 4 runs with all 2 outs.  But after that inning we jumped on them again and scored a lot of runs threw out the game.  We held them till the bottom of the seventh when the score was 4-14 but they did score three runs in the last inning.  The final score to that game was 14 7 we won.  We play Dos Puebols again at home on Friday.  Last time we played them at home we won by a walk off again that time.

Here’s a picture of me catching against DP in the game on Wednesday.

This picture is us celebrating after a walk off hit against San Marcos last week.

This last picture is of me sliding into home in our big win against San Marcos on Friday In the 11 to 1 victory.


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