B-Ball Tourny

This weekend I went down to Anaheim for a basketball tournament.  We played in the AAU 16u league and played some and played some very good competition.  The first team we played was a team called take flight.  They where pretty good they where very athletic and physical.  It was a close game threw out the whole game but we started running away at the end.  We ended up winning that game by about 10 points.   During that game one of our players Gavin Elsworth took a ball to the finger and dislocated it.  When it happen he just held it up in the air and it was pretty bad but he taped it up and played the next game.  The next team we played a very well known team called Rockfish they are from the LA team and been around for a very long time.   That game was vwrt close threw out the hole game to.. They where good shooters and fundamentally sound.  we ended u winning by 3 it was a nail biter.  After those two games it was it for us for that day.  The next day we played a team called M’pyre.  They where very good.  It was another very athletic  physical game.  They just out rebounded us and got second chances.  It was still a close game the whole time but they ended up winning by 3.  Or big guy though Bo Allen dunked on one of their guys on a fast break.  Our next game was a team called Coastal Elite.  They where pretty good to.  They where all good shooters but we handled them pretty easily.  This game we subbed a lot and pressed the whole game,  we got of lot of steels.  After that game we where done.  Overall we did pretty good we lost one game against good competition.

Here’s of a picture of us playing.

A picture of the squad after our games.

A picture of some of our boys with 7,2 Bol Bol.


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