This week for my athletic lifestyle was not that busy.  This week was Spring Break for me and my fellow classmates.  For the break, I went to Palm springs with my family.  I had a really good time in Palm Springs with them.    I mostly went swimming and played a little golf with my dad and messed around with my siblings.   Luckily I found a gym in the hotel that was actually really nice.  Since I try to not take any days of I used the gym every day.  On Wednesday we left Palm Springs to go to Usc with my dad and brother.  When we got there we took a walk around the campus because the people I was supposed to be there with weren’t there yet.  I have been to USC a lot of times but I still love getting to see it.  Right, when practice started for football the guys I was with showed up.  They gave us a wristband and a big nametag.  Then we got to go on the field and watch them practice.  It is pretty cool being able to watch them compete from that close you can tell there are no friends out on the football field but when practice is over they are friends. After the practice, I tried to get my cousin who plays on SC but I wasn’t able to.  Then we got to tour of the athlete section underground.  The first thing we got to see was the locker room which is amazing and to get into every door u need to scan your thumb.  Then we saw the weight room and the indoor field which is awesome.  I don’t think I have also seen as many racks and weights ever before it is crazy.  Lastly, we saw all the team rooms and coach’s offices which are very nice.  Being at USC was an awesome experience.

Here Is a picture of the practice field I took before practice started.

This picture is of the weight room we toured.

Here is a picture of the indoor field.


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