Long Beach Tourney

This week I had a football (7 on 7) tournament at Long Beach City College.  It was only a one day tournament on Saturday.  We had ti be there at 8:30 in the morning so I left Santa Barbara at 6:30.  Our first game was originally supposed to be at 9:30 but it got pushed back to 10:30.  The first team we played was name future pro.  They where pretty good.  We where with the the whole game until there where a few calls going there way.  It was forth down for them and they needed to score, one of there receivers ran a fade and made an great one handed catch but he was three feet out of bounds but the ref changed his call and said he was in.  Then we had a minute to score and we got down the field in three plays and I snapped it with 10 seconds left and there a speed out in the touchdown but then the ref again said we where an inch short when it obviously a touchdown witch cost us the game.  The next team we played was the same team but there A team.  To me there A team wasn’t that much better than the team we played first.  This game went into over time and the over time situation in this tournament is not good at all.  The situation is you have one play and who ever gets the most yards win.  We lost that game because they got more yards on that one play then we did.  The next team we played was called rising stars.  We won that game pretty easily.  They talked so much ish it was pretty funny throughout the whole game when we were beating them.  After the game they got in or faces and keep talking but we just flashed the W sign.  The next game I played some receiver to give the other receivers a break the very first play i went in I caught a pass and ran up 40 yards.  The next play I got another pass in the end zone but they said I was out of bounds.  Our last game I played Quarterback again and we played a team called Apex who where really good but most of our guys where very tired because we played double the games than every other team because we where supposed to have two teams.

Here’s A picture of the stadium.  They had really nice turf but there also a couple of fields with grass.

The squad getten ready to work.

Dallas Reddick lockin down a receiver right here.  On this very play got a pick.


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