Slinging It

These week for me was pretty busy.  I mostly worked on football this weekend but I did have a baseball on Friday against San Marcos.  During the game our team made a lot of mental mistakes.  For example we batted out of order and didn’t tell the ump about a couple subs, which doesn’t sound that bad but they are bad because there all outs.  For me personally I played all right, I hit the ball hard and made decent contact but defensively I didn’t play that good.  I finally think my hitting is starting to come around.  Luckily we did not lose the game we tied 1-1 but we played very bad and should have beat the team by at least 10.

On Saturday I worked a lot on football.  In the morning I headed to Santa Barbara City College to work out with Chase Forrest the starting Quarterback at University of California (CAL) and two of my receivers.  We started of the work out by doing these shoulder things is trainer has him do before every practice.  After a while they start to burn your shoulders so bad but it is really good for you. After we warmed up we started throwing.  we did the route tree on both sides which took a while but was good work and was really fun.  After a while the receivers where starting to get really burned out so on some routes we just had them stand on the top of the route so they didn’t have to run.  After we finished the route tree we threw on the run.  Throwing on the run is something I need to work on and chase gave me some really good advice that helped me out and made my ball look a lot better.  After working on throwing on the run we worked on long balls witch was fun.  Lastly we worked on goal line routes which all my favorite because you really need to be accurate.

Here is a picture of Chase Forrest the Quarterback at CAL who I was working out with.

These two pictures are of us working out on Saturday.



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