Baseball Season Starting Up

This past week I had my first baseball games.  I had a game on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Our game on Tuesday was my first game back to baseball, we played Lancaster in Lancaster.  It was a very long drive to get to the high school.  During the game I played catcher and third base. The final score to that game was 15 to 0 we won but, overall I played all right but I have a lot to work on.  My next game on Thursday we played Heart at Heart.  It was another pretty long drive but it was a fun bus ride so it went by fast.  They where a lot better competition and gave us a challenge.  The score was 3 to 3 in the bottom of the 6th until the scored 5 runs.  The final score there was 8-3 we lost.  I played second base that game because i hurt my arm the game before. I did not play good that game and need to get back to the baseball mentality quickly.  Our game on Friday was finally at home.  We played John Burroughs they where pretty good but we beat them pretty easily.  The final score to that game was 5-2 we won.  I had to play first base this game because of my arm but I’m going to a doctor see whats wrong with it.  I played better than I did the last game but know where near how i should be playing.  Over these last couple games I realized I need to pick my baseball game up a lot.  What I need to work on the most is my hitting because its not going good at all right now.  So I promised my self I will hit an extra 200 balls on each side after practice so I can get better.

Here’s a picture of our well kept field before our first home game.  With the awesome  background of the Rivera.

When things are not going your way you have to work extra hard.  After my game I got in my extra tee work.

After a very long practices sometimes you have to send it.



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