This week I was at the Pylon 7 on 7 national championship in Las Vegas.   I left Friday morning at around 10 o’clock.  It was a very long car ride to get to Vegas but luckily I slept most of the way.   We arrived at our hotel at 5:30 and got all settled in.  After we got settled in we went to have a nice dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  When we got back to the hotel we got our brand new jerseys handed out to us and had a team meeting.  After the team meeting it was all team bounding stuff.  At first we went into the hotel gym and after that we went into the pool.  When the pool closed we all went back to a room to play x-box and after a while we got hungry so we wandered Vegas looking for some food.   The next day our first game was at 1 so we got there an hour before.. When you get there all you see is a sea of people.  In our division there where 200 teams and that’s only one of many divisions.   The first team we played was a team called POF and they where really good, they had a few huge kids. The final score to that game was 21 to 14 we lost. The next team we played was a team from Texas called the Warriors we were up the whole game but they scored a touchdown in the last seconds.  the final score for that game was 28-21.  The next team was one of the best teams in the tournament they were very good. They were a team from all over LA called stars.  That game did not go so good.  Our last game was against a team from Arizona called BTB. The final score to that game was 21-14.  Over all I had a great experience and it shows you how good other people all.  When I got back to Santa Barbara I realized how hard I need to work to get what I want and be able to look like all the top athletes in Vegas.


Here’s a picture of Dallas Redick locking down a receiver from stars SoCal.


This picture is of Natani Dirati locking down a receiver from POF.


This picture is of me going threw my reads about to sling it.



Lastly heres a picture of my team.


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