Preparing For the Big Tourney

This weekend was a four day weekend so it was pretty busy for me.  On Friday it was poring so all my practices got canceled but I did have weights with my football team.  I do like going to weights with my team because there always is a good type of energy and makes it a lot more fun than working out on your own with the music blaring on a big speaker.  It also is really competitive so it forces you to go hard.  On Saturday I was supposed to have a baseball game but all the fields are flooded so it got canceled. When I woke up on Saturday I went to my gym and got my daily workout in.  After my work out I went to watch my little brothers basketball game.  Whenever I go to his games he gets really excited I’m there and tries to show off a lot.  On Sunday I had a 7 on 7 scrimmage against pro-way to get prepared for the National Championship In Los Vegas I am going to this week.  I showed at one o’clock thinking my game was at 2 but apparently my game was at 3 and the JV team was at 2.  Once my game started it was pretty cold but luckily it wasn’t really windy.  I did pretty well in the scrimmage but I do need to work on moving my eyes and making the right reads.  During the game it did start to get pretty chippy, there was a lot of trash talking, and it did get pretty physical.  After the game there was about three of our guys that chose not to wear tight shirts and got their shirts ripped off.   The good thing is the team we played is pretty good and definitely help us out and we know in Vegas its going to be a lot more physical.


Here’s a picture of your boy Dallas Redick workin in the weight room Friday getting ready for Vegas.  Dallas is a corner back and going to lock down all the top wide receivers.


This picture is of our jerseys we will be wearing in Las Vegas.  I think they are pretty cool but will look better in person.


This picture is of the scrimmage on Sunday.



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