Cal Poly Workin

This weekend was pretty busy for my athletic lifestyle.  It started off by getting to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo at around 10:30.  I went up there to workout with my Quarterback coach and a lot of other guys.  The workout was being tapped for a video clip.  It was going really smooth until some lady kicked us off the turf field, even though we weren’t bothering anyone.  So then we ended up going to a big grass field on the campus. Half way threw the workout it started hailing, and it actually hurt when the ice hit you in the face, but it only lasted 10 minutes. Then the rain came for like 30 minutes which made the photographer put his big expensive camera away.   After the work out which ended around 2 I tried to go to my favorite place Firestone grill but it was packed, so I just got some pizza with my coach.  On Sunday I had football practice in Santa Barbara for my 7 on 7 team for a couple hours.  We are preparing to go to the 7 on 7 national champion ship in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.  The practice was pretty good but it was a mud bowl.  Right after practice I went to the gym and got my daily work in.


This picture here is some of the guys after our workout at the Cal Poly track.  All of the guys are from the 805 area code and all play football somewhere.  There are a lot more guys in the program they just could not make it.  This program is all ages in high school, theirs even a couple college kids to.  The tall kid in the middle is a senior at Atascadero High School and has a full ride scholarship to play D1 football at the University of Nevada.  IMG_3047

I took this picture when we were all taking good advice from T.J. Jordan who is a great leader and motivator.


This last photo I took is of Chris Barganier catching a pass one handed.  He is a very hard worker and always looking to get better.  I really like competing with him and throwing to him at our workouts.




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