Grind Week One

The first week of my athletic lifestyle blog was not as busy as it usually is.  It started out Saturday going down to Santa Maria to workout with my Quarterback coach, it is a long drive but it is worth it when you get down there. When I got back to Santa Barbara the first thing I did was go to my gym. The next day was Superbowl Sunday and I had football practice first thing in the morning with my 7 on 7 team.  After practice I went to footlocker and cop a new pair of Adidas that are strait heat.  Later that day i went home and worked out at my house, then after that it was relax and watch the Superbowl time.


This picture above is me working out with my Quarterback coach TJ Jordan in Santa Maria. When I worked out with him on Saturday he Put me threw a lot of footwork drills because you always after remember slow feet don’t eat.  He also but me threw some throwing drills with all the other quarterbacks.  The hardest part about this workout is when I have to have a training belt on, and someone is pulling on it.  Overall It is a great workout and helps a lot.


After my workout in Santa Maria I got back home and went to La Cumbre Country Club to workout.  Every time I got to the gym I rotate my workouts but some exercises are in every workout.  Personally my favorite type of exercises are bench press and cleans. After the my workouts I always go up and get a chocolate shake.


Sunday was my lazy day, after practice I had to get new shows from footlocker.  The reason why I needed new shows was because I ripped my other ones messing around playing basketball.  I got these shoes because I think the look really good with an athletic look.  Sense I got them I have only worn them once and the are really comfortable. I am really glad I got these shoes and I hope I do not rip or mess them up any time soon.


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